Lost it

Somehow we lost it. You used to be my best friend. My number one confidant and partner in crime. You were so much more than just my “man”. You were somebody my soul cried out for. Tho the connection was instant the love came gradually. For me it started in the way your eyes looked at my body. At my face. Like I was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. I felt so carefree with you. Weightless. I forgot my problems. My pain. My sorrows and worries. You melted it all away. I knew I could turn to you for anything…and then…it changed. The kisses became less frequent. The I love you’s went unsaid and ignored. Everything became a fight. Instead of pulling me close at night, holding me tight to your chest..you began to push me away. Turn away from me…you stopped looking at me like I was blessing and instead looked at me like I was nothing. I stopped feeling loved I stopped feeling wanted. I’m not innocent I played a part too, I closed you away and shut down when I felt the pain. But then I tried. I fought so hard to save our love…but you stepped back. You stopped caring. I brought t up only to be shut down with “you’re crazy” and “you think you know everything” “things are going to b ok things are going to change” but what changed? You tried to pacify me and tell me what you thought I wanted to hear but the whole time you sat in my face telling lies. I felt my heart breaking and now Im faced with a decision. Stay and believe or pack up and leave? But leaving somebody you love is easier said than done..


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