Past Gone

Staring at the past
images floating by
of moments come and gone
as i lose myself more and more in the botttle
looking for you
leaving me strung out
crashing and feening
like an addict
for the love that was once mine
seeing your face
smiling at someone who isnt me
leaves me breathless
with a pain
close to my chest
almost as if a hole has sprouted
and grown
sucking out all the life and joy
i once had inside
like a blackhole
leaving me with nothing
the pain
the memories
the way you laughed at me
the way you kissed and looked at me
each moment freezing
leaving me to live it over and over
like a scratched disk
skipping and freezing on the same part
leaving me to relive it again and again
each more fresh than the last
until i can take it no more
smashing the bottle
i hit the floor
and close my eyes